project life, week 7

frankly, it could have been titled: i had this done last sunday (ok, wednesday because i was waiting for the cool becky higgins journaling cards) but am too lazy to take pictures and post. but, i thought that might be a tad too long. so anyhoo, here we go. week 7.

the full spread. pretty basic. oh except i made a small flipper. i liked the look of the cupcake pick with the journaling card, but wanted  packaging from stuff the girls got for heart day. we'll get to that later.

see that 4x6 week card? isn't it fabulous? i love graph paper (i added the week 7 and black date strip on the bottom) and couldn't resist it. there is one for every month. don't 't you want them all? then head over and visit ms. valerie brown at live. click. scrapbook.  ok, onward. monday (top right) is a thank you from my 5 year old birthday twin. the cupcakes were made for valentines day tuesday and for bowling monday night (the girls on our 2 teams brought cupcakes for everyone). you may remember that i got a cool container for my birthday that i wanted to make a terrarium with. well, there it is. with all the layers, it turned out to be much shallower than i expected (and frankly i bought a LOT of plants) so i had to do a lot more planting (life's rough huh ;) i had most of the containers, only bought one more, the cool apothecary jar in the small, middle pic. lastly, a pic that i hope is familiar to many of you since i don't want to be the only one with what seems to be a continuous mess in my kitchen.

flowers! from mr. fast-lane! for valentines! it's been a while since i've gotten flowers. pre-go-go-gadget-girls, aka when we had disposable income, i used to buy fresh flowers every week. didn't realize how much i miss them.  the pink background is the paper the flowers were wrapped in. the bird. i wish he were mine. he was the most delicate shade of dove grey. absolutely gorgeous. i saw him in passing while getting stuff at the pet store and was struck. didn't think  mr. fast-lane would go for another bird so simply mentioned im passing a day or two later. surprisingly, mr. fast-lane said that was fine with him. i'm sure you can figure out the rest of the story. so now i am on the hunt for another little birdy. oh, oh, do you see the cupcake pick? see the journaling card? isn't it fantastic? it's another freebie from valerie. you can get them here. i did get the re-do cards, but they are still smallish. even so, i love them. expect to see a lot of them!

and here's the 'flippy part' flipped. i had part of a disassembled page protector left (goodness, i keep everything) that i filled, closed and taped down with smashbook tape. the red paper is the other side of the pink paper the flowers were wrapped in. the 'stuff' in the pockets is the packaging from magic socks and face cloths the go-go-gadget-girls got for valentines day. they love all that magic grow stuff.  ooo, do you see it? another valerie journaling card! told ya i loved 'em. the cats. together. you may not realize what a minor miracle that is people. smudge (the cream cat) hates magda (black cat lest you have forgotten) because all magda wants to do is play, and smudge is oooooooold. 17 years old. her play is all gone. so anyway, minor miracle. also, please ignore the hideous carpeting. it is older than smudge. waaaaay older. probably around my age. it was here when we moved in and we haven't gotten around to replacing it. kinda has to do with that whole disposable income thing. not a whole lot of that with 3 growing go-go-gadget girls. lastly, a really bad picture of my pee wee friends. tiny little birds that are cute as dickens.

thanks for sticking with it. i said a lot this week. now i'm off to work on week 8! ttfn


Alex said...

Thank you so much for your congratulations! :-)

What a great PL you are working on! It's so ambitious! I don't have the discipline it takes to make PL :-)

Kelly said...

I love PL! I just haven't made that plunge, yet :)Just stopping by to let you know that you're the winner of the Special Delivery giveaway on my blog...congrats! See the post here: http://kellyrholbrook.blogspot.com/2013/05/special-delivery-giveaway-winner.html