project life, week 5

this bodes....i am behind the times. good news? only in posting.....i've been too swamped (or lazy) to take pics of my project life these last couple weeks. so, if you're interested, here we go!

here's the full spread. the fun thing about this week, is that go-go-gadget girl 2a (that's her in the first pic on the left) took all the pictures this week! i think it's fun to see what someone else's perspective of life looks like, and what's better than an 8 year olds?

left side: 1st off, sorry for the crummy, out of focus photo. ok, again, there is go-go-gadget girl 2a, and those are her feet. no it's not warm enough for flip-flops here. first small pic is her twin, go-go-gadget girl 2b enjoying a chocolate-cherry blizzard; the first sign of spring, a primrose making it's way back; and edemame. last one is of go-go-gadget girl 2a & 2b's floor which is mostly clean.

and the right: some creative play by go-go-gadget girl 2a; the kitten discovered running water; the whole family went to a movie friday; mommy had a girls night out at the movies saturday; my card reader finally went belly up (it was OLD) and this was from the replacement; mr. fast-lanes arm (no idea why) and go-go-gadget girl 2a's pet "ocean"

love her pics. less than thrilled with some of my "embellishing" but that's the way the cookie crumbles. i got it done. love how she loves blue!


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