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it's our day!

time to rise up and.....oh wait, that's a different blog. Anyway, happy mother's day to all the moms out there, I hope you have the day you want. For me, it would have been quiet, but with 2 four-year-olds and a six-year-old, the possibility of that is practically nil. That's okay, I know I'll miss the noise and chaos when it's gone. I did get a chance to do a little crafting today. Lain Ehman over at Scraphappy hosts a 30-minute Thursday challenge every week, and while I always intend on participating, life seems to get in the way and I never get around to it. Until, that is, today! I spent 30 (ish) of my Mother's Day Morning minutes creating a scrapbook page. I say '30ish' because with 3 kidlets, someone is always interrupting for some reason or other. Even though I said 'page' it's actually 2 sorta 'pagettes'. I had a concept in my mind and it might work, but I need to modify a couple of page protectors. The l/o would work just fine as a single 12x12, but I do think they hold their own sigularly. Weird I know, I just really like the idea of odd size pages. What do you think?

page 1, or, the left side

page 2, or the right side

the 2 of them together, kinda

the challenge this week is to use a vacation photo (check), paperclip (check) and hidden journaling (check). Why not head over to Lain's blog and join the fun?

*edited to add: yes, I realized there is an 'a' missing in aquarium. Not sure how it happened since i even wrote it down because I was spelling it backwards; anyway, it's fixed, I'm just too lazy to take new pictures!


it's broken

my bottom that is.
yup, i have broken my tailbone.
quite a feat, and yes, it hurts.
a lot.
the scene: me, miss m, and a roller rink. quit laughing.
i used to be quite the accomplished roller skater - i did grow up in the 80's you know - and even though it's been a good quarter century or so, let me just say: muscle memory is a wonderous thing. alas, a 6 year old on skates is more gangly than a newborn giraffe and has no muscle memory to fall back on (no pun intended)

the wipe out was spectacular and i had only a split second to decide between my first born and my bottom. why oh why did those mothering instincts choose then to kick in? i am proud to say however, that by the 3rd hour she was able to go around without holding anybody's hand and without falling. which was a good thing since by then, my butt. was. broken. the good news? in this particular situation, my doc believes in better living through pain management. bless you dr. b.

so if you need me, i'll be over here in the corner sitting on my donut pillow.


happy may day

i spent the morning near the bathroom yet again, and the afternoon having oral surgery - gum & bone reduction. i was paranoid we'd be in the middle of the surgery and i'd have to rush to the bathroom! thankfully when these 'issues' arise, they're usually done by noon. odd. highlight: the gas. bummer: the mask didn't fit right so i wasn't constantly in blissful repose. though it wouldn't be hard, here's hoping your day was better.