happy wednesday

well it should be, but i have a sick child. go-go-gadget-girl 1 is complaining of a tummy ache. one thing you should know: i. hate. vomit. i have a very strict rule, nobody ever vomits alone in my presence. i just can't handle it. yuck. if you're here looking for project life, my apologies. i've got it all laid out in my head, but i am waiting for some lovely Becky Higgins goodness to hit my doorstep this afternoon to get my week from my head to my book. i got photopocket pages G and a couple of the journaling cards. i really want photopockets B but they may not be available until april (if then) so i'm really vacillating on getting the big variety pack 1. i'm not sure if i'd use all the different styles, but then again, maybe if i had them i would. i just don't know, and i already have so much 'stash' that i just hate to add to it. ack, i hate being so indecisive! enjoy your day, and i would love to see your project life in progress, so leave me a comment so i can check them out! ttfn.

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