project life, week 6

it was my birthday this week, and the girls got their progress reports,  ergo,  a few basic inserts

not really a full spread pic because of the inserts. that's a progess report. 

there i am. i'm blowing out the candles on my cupcakes at, wait for it, the bowling alley. yup, i'm in a league. myself and some friends from work decided to join on a lark. we'll never go pro, but we have a great time! anyway, we make a big to-do out of everyone's birthday and the whole alley joins in singing. good times. that's go-go-gadget girl 1 standing in the corner. mr. fast-lane's idea. she is currently 10 going on 17 and is starting to see how far she can push boundaries. i guess she pushed too far. some plants for a terrarium i am going to make once i get the container i bought for my birthday. the bottle caps are from an aMAZing mexican dinner we had on my birthday. little hole in the wall. totally authentic, even down to the spanish channel blaring on the tv in the corner. LOVED it!

2 inserts, this is the middle of them...another progress report, a touching birthday card, and a party hat one of the go-go-gadget girls made. still need to do some journaling there by the hat. pretty empty now.

the back of the insert, a portrait of moi that go-go-gadget girl 2a made. that's a pencil in my hair. yes, i usually have one stuck in there - although i don't wear a bun on the top of my head, it's a messy pony/bun in the back. 
and finally: art prep at work (a never ending job) go-go-gadget girl 1 reading with her best friends; pixel the pocket pal, and the go-go-gadget girls making dinner on sunday night.

gotta run, ttfn!

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Leena said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Tammy! I love your spread for this week! Especially the insert which you included of the drawings! Glad to know you had a fab time on your Birthday! Have a great week ahead! :)