be gentle

i like to read blogs. one that i enjoy is eclectic paperie. i've been a subscriber for a while and have admired many a project - like their name indicates, they are eclectic: many different projects and styles..... i find myself moving more towards art journaling and many of the projects and tutorials are great inspiration. check them out. anyway, the whole point of sharing that is to preface this:

what does one have to do with the other you ask? it is for a challenge over at eP. now, i'm not really a challenge girl, but for some reason i thought "hmm....you have everything you need, that might be fun." so i did. 

things to note: this paper pad is BIG (to me) at 14x17. it's a long hoarded kept remnant of my college days a hundred years ago. it's a sketch pad and of late, i've been using it as a surface protector while i paint, glue, etc in my smaller (i.e. more manageable) books. when one page gets sufficiently grungy, i use it in pieces on smaller projects. looking at it after reading the latest eP challenge i thought, "why not intentionally make a background that can be cut up and used." so i did. 

the challenge is to use gel medium....however you want. so i did. i created the dark purple stenciled circles by mixing some gel medium with shavings from a woodless colored pencil i was using just to see what would happen. wasn't sure i was really going to be happy because once mixed it was kind of an anemic looking purple. it darkened quite a bit while drying and i do like it. the resist circles are simply GM used straight from the jar on the same stencil, then i used Dylusions spray, vibrant turquoise and crushed grape, over the top and let it dry. there were some areas that didn't quite get covered very well so i  got out some evergreen bough and shaded lilac distress stains and fooled around with those. then just to play a bit more, out came the broken china distress paint.

it's ok, nothing to write home about but i think it will serve valiantly in many projects!