it's happened to me

holy funnelcakes. i never thought i would have to utter theses words, but it's true; i am addicted to a computer game. i totally never understood how this could happen to people. until this week. i started playing wizard 101 with oldest go-go-gadget-girl this week and now i can't stop. seriously. we spent all day yesterday - a beautiful sunny day - on the computer playing this game. 

although we don't have any type of gaming system, i'm not totally adverse to them; and i am a product of the 80's so of course i played pac man, ms. pac man, frogger, etc. but they were just something fun to do occasionally. but this game has just sucked me in. i think it's because the more you play, the 'stronger' you get and the harder your quests become. there is some mental aspect because you can fiddle around with your clothes and objects to increase power, health, shields, etc to some degree. but mostly, it's just about running around these 4 worlds (still don't know what the 4th is) collecting items and fighting  characters within the realm with spell cards. i know. i know. but i can't help it. i want to level up. i want to get the next spell card or training point. i want my pet to grow. sigh. i'm sure i'll grow out of it soon, i mean really, with 3 go-go-gadget-girls at home who could spend every day doing this? but, if you're ever in krakatopia, make sure to look for rowan pixiepants!


the unexpected

is not always bad! sometimes i forget that. but today i had a great reminder of this oft overlooked fact; in the mail, there was a funny envelope from a prize distribution center. cripes, what kind of junk mail is this, i thought. good thing i looked, because inside was a $25 gift card from safeway! earlier this summer i played one of their summer sweepstakes games and won the g.c. i was supposed to get an email to verify my address. it never came. i forgot all about it. until today. when i opened my mail. maybe i should go buy a lottery ticket.......


why is it

that people put their kids in the wrong level when they sign them up for classes? the go-go-gadget girls have been in swimming lessons on and off for probably 3 years now. 2 of them are going great guns, the other not so much - she is still in level 1 after several classes. 

this summer we ventured into a new realm: the local outdoor pool - which is only open for 3 months. i like the concept of every day for a half hour classes for 2 weeks (and because we're residents, it's a bit cheaper than the other localish lessons we've done). it's worked really well so far. even the smallest g-g-g-g is enjoying herself and actually frustrated (for the 1st time) because she hasn't moved out of level 1, and mom is getting a respectable tan. 

anyway, the point of my story is this: parents either totally over estimate their children's skill level, or they just pick the lesson time that is convenient to them. this is especially evident in oldest g-g-g-g's lesson. she is at the level where they are perfecting their strokes; or they should be. there is one little girl in her class who can barely do the crawl; she does maybe 3 very shaky strokes and then starts to flounder and dog paddle. the instructor always has to grab her, hold on to her, and walk her the rest of the way down and back. it. is. very. time. consuming. it is the same with all the strokes. it takes a lot of time away from the other 4 students. trust me, i get that it is all a learning curve (remember, littlest g-g-g-g has been in level 1 for at least 7 sessions) but that is what the other levels are for! why put a kid in a level they can't possibly succeed in? i would imagine it would be frustrating not only for the instructor, but especially the child in question. 

so who's responsibility is it in these situations? should the parents take the kid out? are they being selfish if they don't? should the facility step in and move her to the appropriate class? it's been 2 days and i'm not hopeful either way.



i didn't win the silhouette....did you?


even MORE

chances to win! i am determined to do everything possible to win the coveted-by-me silhouette. and since i am such a giver, i thought you might like 2 more chances to win as well! head on over to Mom Advice and A Soft Place to Land for your chance. while you're there, make sure to poke around the sites. i've been a fan of soft place for a while, and while it was my first trip to mom advice, i found it quite enjoyable. ttfn!


2 more chances

i REALLY want to win a silhouette, how about you? here are two more opportunities for all of us, check out dollar store crafts and sugardoodle for your chance to enter. of course, while you're there look around and maybe do some subscribing!


i REALLY want one!

yet another place for a chance to win the tool i want so bad but can't afford: check out the idea room for your chance. and while you're there, make sure to look around, her blog is aptly titled, there are a ton of great ideas!

holy cow

another chance to win one of the tools of my dreams! tidy mom has a give-a-way going, and the prize? the much drooled-over-by-me silhouette! i'd tell you to head over there and enter, but i'm selfish and want to win! oh, ok, you can enter too; but be warned, i'm going to win! - however there are a couple of pretty good promos for the silhouette there as well. and while you're entering, make sure to check out the blog, it's pretty fantastic!