project life...week two

hello, thanks for stopping by. just a reminder, i'm a regular gal with regular pages; sometimes i wish i were as creative and clever as many of the others doing PL, but i've mostly come to terms with my regularness and i really like doing a PL album.  i forgot to mention that i run my weeks monday-sunday. i broke up the weekend the first year (2010) and figured out i wanted to remember the week as we lived it, starting with school/work on monday and ending with sunday night. this means that jan. 1 hasn't been memorialized yet since it was on a sunday. i plan on doing a little insert that i can pop in the front of the book later on. also, no title page, it'll come later as well. ok on with the show.

 the full magilla. i run the week across the 2 pages - so on the top we have monday, tuesday, wednesday. the bottom is thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.

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