project life, week 4

i have some time, so let's do week 4 too!

 for some reason, i didn't really take too many pictures last week. uh oh, i hope that's not a sign. anyway, many of the pictures i took were vertical - not normal for me, so i had a real hard time laying out my week (i may have one a week or so, and then i usually just put them in horizontally, it's no biggie to me). in the end i mangled cut up a page protector that was all verticals and used it as a mini page. couldn't do as an insert, because i just didn't have the pictures or stuff from the week to make another full size page. it's gonna be funky looking in the book because i am going to have a blank page behind it...see that on the right? i'll probably fill the pockets with paper at some point.

"four" is made from ancient rub ons from me & my big ideas - gonna be lots of ancient stuff used this year, i have, ahem, quite a stash i'm trying to deplete. the reading jot on go-go-gadget girl 2b's picture was made with my vintage (read: old, orange, from the 70's) label maker. family get together - seriously bad pic but oh well. mr. fast-lanes, um, buttock region and the lovely bruise he got  when he hit the ice on his bike! the kitten discovered the hamster - it is hilarious to watch her watch the hamster who seems totally unfazed by the mighty predator.

go-go-gadget girl 2a and her bird. oldest go-go-gadget girl at her first concert. oh my did she look SO grown up when she walked out with her cello...i actually got misty eyed.

go-go-gadget girl 2b with funny hair thanks to a fleece blanket, static electricity, and mommy!

that's it. while it's not a thrilling week, and i didn't have a lot of pictures or filler, it is fini!

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