bandwagon you say?

yeah, not really. this will be my third year doing project life, and i'm still excited by it. amazing. it's fabulous that so many people have decided to join the revolution this year - i personally love to look at all the different pages and probably spend waaay to much time doing so! anyway,  i've found that this type of memory keeping is much more me than traditional scrapbook pages....i love the lifeness (is that a word?) of it and including stuff. it's almost like a laid out junk/smash journal (i just started a new one of those as well), and it really resonates with me. i am a regular gal with a regular family and a regular life, so my pages are pretty basic; not a lot of extras are added though i love all that, and secretly wish i had that flair - but that's ok because plain or fancy, it is still holds memories. right now i am using leftovers from the past 2 kits i've used (i have no idea which ones they are at this point) and some freebies i've gleaned from the interweb - God love all those talented people out there that can do what i can't! i would love to win a kit (turquoise please!) but i just may break down and buy stuff later on. 
ok, enough. 
with some trepidation, i give you:

project life 2012, week 1

 you'll have to forgive the quality of the pics, it's quite overcast today so not a lot of light, plus this was a kind of spur of the moment decision - and kind of do it now or loose your nerve - so i probably didn't choose the optimal place to take the pics....hopefully i'll get better!

random journaling cards from the 2 old kits, and while i'm not in love with my handwriting (or even my writing skills) i like that i (mostly) journal by hand. my daughter's new glasses. watching 'shaun the sheep' - have you seen it? it's a spin off from the wallace and gromit movies. hilarious!

 a new pet. a cute kitten. a silly picture of my fingers that makes me smile, and a very unhappy tween. oh i am not looking forward to the full on teen years.

a simple insert with the printout of my best bowling game ever (you can kind of see the pic i took of the scoreboard over there to the left)

and the other side, a note from the safety patrol at school saying that my 5th grader will be switching to the morning shift starting february 1st. yuck.

week one, fini.

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