my kids are killing me...oh and project life

i love my go-go-gadget girls, and they really are pretty good, but mornings are just killing me recently. oldest go-go-gadget (10 now) simply will not. get. out. of. bed. i've tried everything to get her up, from waking her up, 15, 30, 60 minutes before the normal time to - i'm ashamed to say - yelling at her. and the playing...the go-go-gadget girls't aren't allowed electronics before school, but how does one stop creative play? i wouldn't mind the play if everything were done. but it's not.  constantly telling them to get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth, etc. makes me feel like such a harpy. they all know what needs to be done, but keeping them on task has become part of the routine it seems. i could really use some concrete suggestions if you've got any.

ok. enough whining. on with something nicer. project life. week three is below. i had it done on time, just didn't get around to taking pics in a timely manner! again, a reminder: kit remains, regular scrapper - if you're looking for something fancy, sorry, that's not me, but i could point you to some fantastic ones: elle's studio, just about everything, learn with jenny, nichol magourik, & mish mash for starts. ok, on with the show.

you may notice, it's mainly about snow. snow is a big deal here were we live....we don't get it too often, and when we do, it's not usually a lot. this time, we got a lot. schools were closed (extending our year by 3 days, yuck), and while i am a good snow driver (many years driving to s. dakota in the winter) i really had no place to go to justify the driving. we hunkered down and played for the most part. now that it's over i wish i had included pictures of the indoor stuff like games and baking. oh well, i'll throw those in the junk journal.

i wrote on monday's picture with a slick writer and the birthday and here birdie birdie pictures with a making memories opaque pen i got on clearance for $2. i had no idea if it would be what i wanted when i bought it, but it is exactly what i wanted....it is replacing my horribly defective sharpie fine white paint marker. lots of animal pictures...my found kitty, buddy, who is very scared and only likes me decided it would be a good time to come in; a brief blurb about the hummingbirds fighting for the feeders; and the kitten. i don't know how many times she ran into that slider trying to get the birds (i put seed out for them)

ok, ok, you midwesterners don't laugh at the amount of snow, that was just one day at different intervals. admittedly, we did only get about a foot total. i LOVE the picture of mr. fast-lane and #1 go-go-gadget girl, his expression is priceless. a friend and her parents stopped by on their x-country outing. ice cream, enough said! oh netflix how i love thee. between netflix and the postal service, we had new movies to watch all week! the go-go-gadget girls wanted to do crafts, so i let them have carte blanche in the craft room (still pretty proud of myself about that) the title (whose placement bugs the bejezus out of me, but those puppys stuck like nobody's business and i couldn't move them) is ancient thickers. a few day time highs from the week....i think the pic was a regular 2x2 layout from my printer option and not a diptic.

alright. week 3 fini.

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