what's with this weather?

2 days ago we had a sunny, beautiful, northwest weekend (& i have a tan to prove it). don't laugh, we get them. really. normally i would say we perpetuate the stereotype that it rains - a lot - to keep the tourists down to a minimum. we already have enough traffic headaches. ok, in the winter, it does get dreary and rainy, but really, doesn't it do that just about everywhere that's not, say, arizona or florida? but today, i'm actually falling for our own hype. it's grey, overcast, and we'll be lucky to hit 65. lucky to hit a high that would normally be a low for this time of year. the worst part? the creeping chest crud is going around our house (and school) and now my oldest has it. she says she feels bad, and i have to believe her because the first 2 days i had it i. felt. like. garbage. garbage that had been sitting for a while. so, she feels bad, and she stayed home from school today. yay.

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