go-go gadget girl #1 will be NINE on sunday. for some reason i'm having a hard time getting my mind wrapped around that. technically, i could really have a 10 year old son, but that's a story for a different time. so anyway, nine and no party. we had to cancel her sleepover because she did something so heinous (ok, she wrote that her sisters were stupid....no, not in her diary, but in her sister's writing book) that the only way to impact upon her how serious this was, was to cancel her party. trust me, it was hard. secretly, i was not to unhappy with the prospect of not having 300 million 9 year old girls up half the night in our basement - not to mention the expense we dodged. however, we were still doing the family party (with extended 'family'). now, come to find out the they're not coming! they are on vacation. now. they never go on vacation. never told me they weren't coming. and they are #1 child's godparents! i'm a bit miffed. i think that normally i would be alright with this, but while we still faithfully attend every birthday celebration for their clan, they have been missing ours for various reasons. it's not like we don't do other things together, we have dinners, celebrate holiday's etc., what's up with birthdays? is it because i change things up and let the girls invite other friends as well (they always have only a family party with the same people and the same food)? is it the food (they are picky eaters and i let the girls pick the menu)? or have we just about come to the conclusion of our friendship. that would make me sad as this family has been one of the constants in our girls life. i'm not really sure what to think.

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