my baby

sadly, i don't remember it as clearly any more, but 9 years ago on this date i was ensconced in a birthing suite at the local hospital. 
we had been there since about 10 am for an induction. #1 go-go-gadget-girl technically had a due date of 7/4, which would have been great, but my mid-wife was leaving for a trip back home to s. dakota near that time and didn't want to risk me cooking the kid longer than that because she wanted to be there for the birth of this child; we had been through so much together she and i, both with this high risk pregnancy and a previous pregnancy that didn't end so well, and this truly caring, compassionate woman wanted to be there. maybe even needed to be there. so, we planned an induction. 
as these things go, 10:00 came and went and another of her mothers delivered, so we, naturally had to wait. we finally got the ball started around 1:00. i was nervous, excited, and did i mention nervous? if memory serves, i think about this time i was in a tub of extremely hot water trying to ease the pains of labor (yeah, it didn't work so much). mr. fast lane was watching a mariners game. nice. i won't bore you with the details, suffice it to say that 13 hours later, a healthy 8lb 3oz baby girl came screaming into our world (and hasn't stopped talking since!)
i am, and forever will be, grateful to ms. L for all she did for us, not only for #1ggg, but also through the birth of our twins; while she couldn't be my 'doc' for this even higher risk pregnancy, she kept in contact, advised and listened, and even drove me to the nicu in seattle when i couldn't drive because of the c-section.
so while i'm early for the actual birthday, i thinks i have good enough reason to celebrate right now. happy almost birthday to my 9 year old go-go-gadget girl!

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