it's broken

my bottom that is.
yup, i have broken my tailbone.
quite a feat, and yes, it hurts.
a lot.
the scene: me, miss m, and a roller rink. quit laughing.
i used to be quite the accomplished roller skater - i did grow up in the 80's you know - and even though it's been a good quarter century or so, let me just say: muscle memory is a wonderous thing. alas, a 6 year old on skates is more gangly than a newborn giraffe and has no muscle memory to fall back on (no pun intended)

the wipe out was spectacular and i had only a split second to decide between my first born and my bottom. why oh why did those mothering instincts choose then to kick in? i am proud to say however, that by the 3rd hour she was able to go around without holding anybody's hand and without falling. which was a good thing since by then, my butt. was. broken. the good news? in this particular situation, my doc believes in better living through pain management. bless you dr. b.

so if you need me, i'll be over here in the corner sitting on my donut pillow.

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