it's happened to me

holy funnelcakes. i never thought i would have to utter theses words, but it's true; i am addicted to a computer game. i totally never understood how this could happen to people. until this week. i started playing wizard 101 with oldest go-go-gadget-girl this week and now i can't stop. seriously. we spent all day yesterday - a beautiful sunny day - on the computer playing this game. 

although we don't have any type of gaming system, i'm not totally adverse to them; and i am a product of the 80's so of course i played pac man, ms. pac man, frogger, etc. but they were just something fun to do occasionally. but this game has just sucked me in. i think it's because the more you play, the 'stronger' you get and the harder your quests become. there is some mental aspect because you can fiddle around with your clothes and objects to increase power, health, shields, etc to some degree. but mostly, it's just about running around these 4 worlds (still don't know what the 4th is) collecting items and fighting  characters within the realm with spell cards. i know. i know. but i can't help it. i want to level up. i want to get the next spell card or training point. i want my pet to grow. sigh. i'm sure i'll grow out of it soon, i mean really, with 3 go-go-gadget-girls at home who could spend every day doing this? but, if you're ever in krakatopia, make sure to look for rowan pixiepants!

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