why do i agonize?

i'm crafty. let's rephrase, i like to craft, and that includes scrapbooking. i've found myself in a slump for quite a while now, not even wanting to do crafts; of any sort. sure i've still been reading my crafting blogs and oohing and aaahing in my head over all the creations, and within the past few days, the bug has hit again. today i sat down to do some digiscrapping. and then it hit me, why i've been avoiding anything in the crafty realm: i agonize. endlessly. i agonize over color scheme. over elements. over placement. over journaling. over everything.

case in point, this
it's ok. nothing spectacular, pretty basic, and it took like 3 hours. with a template. it should not have taken anywhere close to 3 hours, if only for the fact that i used a template. a great template (you can get yours from jennifer fox designs). i did alter it a bit: i only had 3 pictures i wanted to use and i just wasn't feeling the flowers today, but really those are minimal changes and it still took three hours. sigh. i'm not even a perfectionist. why do i sabotage myself by over thinking every little thing? i guess i'll keep plodding away with my little projects and maybe in time i'll whittle my creative process down.

credits: slurpeegirl13, songbirdavenue port auprince collection,  jennifer fox, templatesandmore, gina cabrera, amy hutchinson for after 5 designs

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