should i or shouldn't i

my go-go-gadget-girls, like most kids i imagine, love to bake. or maybe it's genetic. i love to bake. i loved to bake when i was a kid oh so many years ago. before bike helmets, seat belts, car seats, and the fear of licking the bowl or eating raw dough. i vividly remember that being one of the highlights of baking. sometimes i liked the raw state more than the cooked state - and believe me when i tell you, i loved (and still do) the cooked state! back to now. go-go-gadget-girl #1 and i made orange and cranberry muffins yesterday; go-go-gadget-girl #3 and i made blueberry muffins this morning. 
i let no one lick the bowl. 
except me. 
when they weren't looking. 
that got me thinking, i don't think i'm any worse for wear for doing so. i've never contracted salmonella or some other horrible disease and died and i've been bowl cleaning for nigh on 40 years. am i being over protective by denying them one of life's greatest little pleasures? do you?

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