The chickens are coming home

and they are roosting. Probably my senior year of high school, I started realizing that life was a lot easier once I stopped caring what other people thought. The drama and trauma started to subside and I was on my way to becoming the pretty much together person I am today. My kids are fed, clean, and well behaved - well at least in public. I'm pretty happy with who I am and my life. I'm not riddled with uncertainty or the need to conform. I felt bad for those who lived life according to the dictates of others.

And then came softball.

Miss M is in her 2nd year of organized sports. Last year was t-ball (co-ed through the boys/girls club) this year she's on an all girl softball team through a different organization. It was mostly good (story for a different time) until our 1st game. Snack time to be specific. The snack consisted of: juice
and fruit snack and granola bar and crackers and string cheese. Excessive much? That's not all, it was entirely from Whole Foods - aka Whole Paycheck. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pretty green and do buy local and organic quite a bit, but come on. I cringe to think of what that bill came to. For a snack. For a bevy of 6 & 7 year old girls. Who barely run.

So now, game 2 (today) and I'm the snack mom. See where this is going? I'm bringing flavored water (in pouches, geared towards kids) and Sun Chips. Nothing organic or super nutritious in my offering, but not total trash either. I worry though, am I going to end up being that mom? The one the other moms kind of shy away from, the one they whisper about and whom pity my kids because they think our snack is sub-par? Am I stunting my kids social growth with this? Why am I worrying so much and why do I care?!
What. Is. Happening. To. Me.

If I feel this way about a snack, and Miss M is only in the 1st grade, I have a very bad feeling this may be just the beginning my friends. Just the beginning.

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