i woke up with a headache this morning. and then i started having gastrointestinal difficulties. fun. especially when you're trying to get 3 kids up, ready and out the door. i get this tummy trouble on occasion and eventually it passes so really, i've got no choice but to soldier on. got everyone to school and made it to target where i dropped a pretty penny. for some reason, i had the shopping bug today. maybe it came with the intestinal bug. it was good though, i got stuff i'd been putting off but still needed; like stuff for the silent auction basket - our classes theme this year is 'beach blanket party', and target has some really cute cynthia rowley stuff including some fun flamingo stuff which i got for miss v who adores all things flamingo. 

sigh. i should be cleaning. miss m has a playdate this afternoon but i still have a headache and the migraine meds i finally took are starting to kick in and i really don't care about cleaning. how's that for a run on sentence. it's been nice all morning, but some very ominous clouds are rolling in. it looks like rain. so, i leave you with this

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