it feels like sunday

everything is 'off' with mr. fast lane being home from the surgery and all, but compound that with the fact the fact that all 3 kidlets were home yesterday because of a teacher in service day, and it is the perfect recipe for day confusion. even though i kept forgetting it was actually friday, it was a glorious day; if it hadn't been for a breeze, it may have actually edged over into hot. as it was, it was pretty warm, or maybe it was because i was actually being physical and weeding the front flower bed.  as a kid, weeding would be a punishment, and because of that, i despise weeding. it's too bad, because i love flowers and would love to have one of those gardens you see overflowing with flowers and plants, all meticulously weeded. it doesn't help that mr. fast lane is very utilitarian with the yard work. he mows, but rarely edges or weed eats, so the grass has slowly creeped into the flower beds. i want to get some of those concrete edger things, but every time i think of them, i can find something better to do with the money. ironically, we are not the eyesore yard of the neighborhood. will see if have time for more today, between the FOUR birthday parties and t-ball game.

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