do you scrapbook? have you visited Scraphappy? oh you should go, you should also listen to Lain's podcast (i use itunes) it really does make you smile. one of the fun things over at Lain's blog are her challenges; every thursday is '30 minute thursday' and the current theme is scraplifting. 

for those of you not familiar with the word, it means to look at someone else's layout and either copy it or use it as a frame of reference for your own layout. just an fyi, it's ok to copy someone's work if it's going in your personal album, but it's not so good to copy and try to pass it off as your own...always site your sources people! but i digress. so, if we choose to participate this week, we are to scraplift. i had the perfect project in mind. 

in march i purchased the 'celebration' kit from Lisa Bearnson's kit of the month site. this particular kit came with maybe 20 pre-arranged layouts, and each had it's own little bag of stuff needed to make the page(s). does that make sense? the theory is, all you need to do is open the bag, copy the picture included, add your photos and ta-da page done. i bought it because i thought it would be a good way to bang out some pages and whittle down some of my picture backlog. good in theory. the problem: i'm kinda a non-conformist - so, i'm using all the stuff to make the layouts my own. it's taking a little longer than originally anticipated, but i'm getting it done! i did this one today. viva VBS!

so this is the pic of the l/o that came with the kit:

(don't mind the mark, it's just to remind myself that i did that one already....you know how it is)

and here is my interpretation:



this is actually a special l/o. we journeyed to s. dakota to help grandma move into an assisted living complex and clean out her apartment. you can imagine how difficult it was for everyone. it was the last time we got to visit with grandma (my mil) and i'm grateful for it. the twins were 2 1/2 and their older sister just barely 5 - but they were old enough to love and appreciate the woman we saw only 2x a year. it's a good memory for everyone and i felt bad that it was languishing on the computer. now it's done, thanks Lain!

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